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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

November/December Artist


Show runs through November - December .
Come and view Ben's new works.

Artist Ben Gitchel Unveils, "Gardening and our distorted relationship with nature."

"In 2009, Mel came in from gardening absolutely livid.  Accompanied by the chickens, she had just planted broccoli.  When she stood up and turned around, the  broccoli was for the most part gone.  It was the work of those rascally chickens.

This painting is a discussion of our distorted relationship with nature.  The trees have no leaves.  The only bush is topiary.  The lawn lacks biodiversity.  The gardener is inappropriately dressed, city shoes, no gloves.

In this work everything is something.  This means the closer you get, the more you see.  Each brush stroke is a feather, a blade of grass, a cloud, a patch of cloth, or a flower petal.  This painting took five years of complete, two years to design it and three years to paint it."

"Gardening and our distorted relationship with nature"
Gardening Color Study

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