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Monday, October 7, 2019

PPL Trustee Meeting, October 8, 2019
Minutes of October 8, 2019
Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Polly Marvin, Joyce Tompkins, Karla Strickland, Nancy Sandell, and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The board meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Chairman Helga Mueller 
1. Minutes
·         Minutes of Sept. 3 meeting approved as written (Motion Joyce/ 2nd Polly)
2. Bookkeepers Report: Liz Bayne
  • The August bookkeeping data has been updated
  • The item in “unbudgeted”  in July was for alarms, and should be moved to “furniture and equipment.” Also, the $175 in “unbudgeted” in Sept. was for the new sink, which should also be moved to “furniture and equipment.” Joyce will let Liz know.
  •  Bookkeeper’s report for Sept. was approved (Motion Karla/ 2nd Joyce)
3. Treasurer’s Report: (Joyce Tompkins)
  • The Treasurer’s Report for September was accepted (Motion Polly, 2nd Karla)        
4.  Librarian’s Report
  • Margaret presented circulation figures for Sept. Numbers look good. School children are using the library again after summer break.
  • Margaret purchased a new color printer 
  • The new sink has been installed in the bathroom
  • The new State Inter Library Loan system is finally online
  • Joyce was able to remove the stain on the carpet in the children’s room
5. Policies and Procedures Updates   Stay tuned
7. October Sunday Hours:
Oct 13 – Margaret
Oct 20 - Helga
Oct 27 - Nancy
Nov 3 - Stephanie
7. New Programs:
·       Music in My Pockets, Oct 11 at the Community Building, 7 PM. Light refreshments will be served.
8. At in the Library
  • Sept/Oct: Mel Gitchel
  • Nov/Dec: Ben Gitchel
  • Jan/Feb: Historic Painters of Piermont
  • Mar/Apr: Kris Lehmann
  • May/June: Betsy Eaton
  • July/Aug: Karla Strickland
  • Sept/Oct: Mardi McGregor
  • Nov/Dec: Joyce Tompkins
9. Old business 
  • Thank you to Joyce Tompkins for the solar lights at the south end of the library porch
10. New business
  • The November 5 meeting will focus on budget preparation. We will try to keep other business to a minimum.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM. (Motion: Polly, 2nd Karla)

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Sandell, Library Board of Trustees

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