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Monday, September 9, 2019

Piermont Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of September 3, 2019

Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Polly Marvin, Joyce Tompkins, Karla Strickland, Kristi Medill, Nancy Sandell, and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Chairman Helga Mueller 
·       The meeting began with a brief discussion about correspondence from lawyer Quinn Colgan, which was a copy of a letter sent to Terry Knowles, asking for assistance with the cy pres matter.
·       Also, the Board expressed appreciation to Nancy Sandell and Peter Labounty for their work on painting the library front porch and book boxes.
1. Bookkeepers Report: Liz Bayne
  • The bookkeeper’s report for August was approved (Motion: Kristi, 2ndKarla). The report is not completely up to date, but an updated version will be provided at the next meeting.
  • The item in “unbudgeted” was for alarms, and should be moved to “furniture and equipment”
  • Jean Daley shelf: The Board agreed that the librarian should feel free to spend all money budgeted for books, including donation money given in memory of Jean Daley which the Board already designated at an earlier meeting should be spent on books. Also, it was requested that Margaret keep a running total of the books purchased for the Jean Daley shelf. 
3. Treasurer’s Report: (Joyce Tompkins)
  • The Treasurer’s Report for August was accepted (Motion Karla, 2ndPolly) 
  • The town draw was received in September.
4. Librarian’s Report
  • Margaret presented circulation figures for August
  • The staff of the Piermont Public Library gave a thank you card and gift certificate to Nancy Sandell and Peter Labounty in appreciation for their work on the front of the library. 
  • A new sink for the bathroom is on order
  • Margaret noted there are a number of new-to-PVS students who are now library patrons, including a large kindergarten class
  • Discussion about stain on carpet in children’s room. Joyce will try cleaning it with her carpet cleaning machine.
5. Policies and Procedures Updates
·       Stay tuned
7. SeptemberSundayHours:
            Sept 8 – Kristi; Sept 15 – Nancy; Sept 22 – Jim; Sept 29 – Helga; Oct 6 – Joyce     
7. New Programs:
·       Music in My Pockets, Oct 11 at the school, 7 PM. 
8. Art in the Library
  • Sept/Oct: Mel Gitchel
  • Nov/Dec: Ben Gitchel
  • Jan/Feb: Historic Painters of Piermont
  • Mar/Apr: Kris Lehmann
  • May/June: Betsy Eaton
  • July/Aug: Karla Strickland
  • Sept/Oct: Mardi McGregor
  • Nov/Dec: Joyce Tompkins

  • The Board expressed its great appreciation to Polly Marvin for arranging the art exhibits
9. Old business 
  • Front of building has been painted thanks to Nancy and Peter
10. New business
  • New bench for front porch: Discussion. We will revisit this in the spring.
11. Minutes of Aug 6, 2019, Trustee’s Meeting. Approved (Motion: Karla, 2ndJoyce)
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM. (Motion: Polly, 2ndKristi)
Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Sandell, Library Board of Trustees

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