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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Trustee Meeting Minutes (Draft), June 4
Minutes of June 4, 2019
Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Karla Strickland, Kristi Medill, Nancy Sandell, and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The board meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Helga Mueller 
1.   Minutes of May 7, 2019, Trustee’s Meeting. Approved (Motion: Nancy, 2ndJoyce)
2. Bookkeepers Report: Liz Bayne
  • The bookkeeper’s report for May was approved (Motion: Kristi, 2ndJoyce) 
3. Treasurer’s Report, April and May: (Joyce) 
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for April and May (Both Accepted: Motion Nancy, 2ndKristi) 
  • No news yet from lawyer Quinn Colgan.
  • Book Sale brought in $400.   
4. Librarian’s Reports, March
  • Circulation figures look good.
  • Summer reading: This year’s program will run from June 11 to July 31.
  • Lights in children’s room are not working. Margaret has contacted an electrician.
  • Helga will talk to the Chairman of the Historical Society about paying for a newspaper ad for the upcoming Michael Bruno program.
5. Policies and Procedures Updates:  Stay tuned
7. June: SundayHours:
            June 9 Joyce; June 16 - Helga; June 23 - Kristi ; June 30- Nancy; July 7 -  Jim                
7. New Programs:
  • Cruising New Hampshire’s History – A Guide to NH Roadside History Markers: Michael Bruno: Thursday, June 27, 2019 @ 7 PM
  • Music in My Pockets, Oct 11 at the school
8. Art in the Library
  • May/June: Lesley Butman
  • July/August: Judith Lerner
  • Sept/Oct: Mel Gitchel
  • Nov/Dec: Ben Gitchel
9. Old business 
  • Selectmen have indicated work on building upkeep will begin this spring and are willing to have volunteers help.
10. New business
  • The Selectmen have asked for access to the library, in case of emergency. The Board has no objection. A suggestion was made that the Selectmen enter through the door that connects the Library to the Town Clerk’s Office, and that they be given the alarm access code.
  • Disposal of Books: Kristi has already started disposing of the books left over from the book sale.
  • The Board agreed to upgrade the front porch of the Library by  purchasing a new bench, bulletin board, and book drop; funds will come from “donations.”  (Motion: Joyce, 2ndHelga). Nancy will do some research on potential purchases and bring them to the Board. 
The Jean Daley Memorial Book Program was approved. Memorial funds that have been given to the library in the memory of Jean Daley will be used to purchase new fiction 

Agenda, June 4
1.      Minutes of the May 7, 2019 meeting of the Board 
2.      Bookkeeper’s Report
a.    Monthly Report for May
b.     Any other business
3.    Treasurer’s Report
a.     Monthly Report for May
b.    Quinn Colgan, attorney, is proceeding with petition to court
c.    Income from Book Sale 
4.    Librarian’s Report
1.    Circulation figures for May
2.     Reading Program will be from June 11 to July 31
3.    Update on light switch in children’s room / alarms
4.    Ask Historical Society to buy ad for Michael Bruno program.
5.     Update of Library Policies and Procedures
a.    Stay tuned! More to come.
6.      Sunday Hours: June 2-Kristi; June 9 ___; June 16 ___; June 23 ___; June 30 ___; July 7 ___
7.     New Programs for 2019
Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 7 p.m. “Cruising New Hampshire’s History – A Guide to NH Roadside History Markers” by Michael Bruno; Oct 11, 2019, at 7 p.m. 
“Music in my Pockets” by Jeff Warner, a New Hampshire Humanities Program at the school. Other possible programs:  An Extension program or a local presentation by Larry Coffin are also possibilities.
       8. Art-in-Library schedule:   
          May/June-Lesley Butman; July/August-Judith Lerner; September/October-
           Mel Gitchel- display of her photos “Portraits of Piermont”; 
           November/December: Ben Gitchel
9.     Old Business
The selectmen will start work on repairing town buildings this spring and would welcome to have volunteers help.
10.  New Business
a.    Selectmen access to Library
b.    Disposal of old books from book sale
c.    Any other business

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