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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Trustee Meeting Agenda
December 4, 2018
1.     Minutes of November 16, 2018, Trustees’ Budget meeting
2.     Bookkeeper’s Report
a.    Monthly report for November 2018
b.    Any other business
3.    Treasurer’s Report
a.    Monthly Report for November 2018
b.    Town Draw
c.    Any other business
4.    Finalize 2018 Library Budget
5.    Librarian’s Report
1.    Circulation figures for November
2.    Update on Evergreeen on December 12
6.    Update of Library Policies and Procedures
a.    Appendices 
7.     Sunday Hours: Dec 2-Helga; Dec.9-Joyce; Dec.16; Dec.23; Dec.30; Jan.6
8.    New Programs for 2019
Suggestions were made on a possible gardening program in the spring. A musical program. Local presentations by Larry Coffin or Linda Bronson. Mary Holland with a new program. Jere Daniell program on the founding of Dartmouth. Program on “the Secrets of Cellar Holes” by Adair Mulligan (jointly with PiermontHistoricalSociety)
9.    Art-in-Library schedule:  
 November/December – Stephanie Gordon; January/February –Helen Elder; March/April – David Wescott; May/June-Lesley Butman; July/August-Judith Lerner, possibly. Polly has spoken to Mel Gitchel re display of her photos from “Portraits of Piermont.”
10.  Old Business:
a.     Maintenance Problems: Terry Robie has presented a design for a new handicap ramp. Approximate price $13,000. A copy of the plan has been given the Selectboard.
b.     Library Building Condition– petitioned article to use money from the Building
Improvement Capital Reserve Fund.
11.  New Business

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