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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Trustee Meeting Minutes (Draft)
Piermont Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of December 4, 2018 (Draft)

Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Nancy Sandell, Kristi Medill, Stephanie Gordon, Evie Conroy, Polly Marvin and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Helga Mueller.

1.     Minutes of November 16, 2018 Trustee’s Meeting.  Accepted (Motion: Joyce, 2ndKristi)
2. Bookkeeper’s Report (Jean Daley): 
  • Jean Daley has been unwell. She has paid the Library bills but will complete the November monthly bookkeeper’s report at a later date.
  • The town draw was received.
3. Treasurer’s Report (Joyce): Approved: (Motion: Polly, 2ndEvie)
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for November. The account is in good shape.
  • There was a correction to the report for a disbursement made after the report was written.
  • The annual school draw was received.
4.  Finalize 2019 Library Budget
  • The final 2019 Library Budget was approved as presented. (Motion: Nancy, 2ndJoyce). Joyce will send the 2019 Library Budget on to the Selectmen.
  • There was a discussion of use of the Mattoon restricted library funds. The Board will consult a lawyer to see if it may be possible for the limitations of the Mattoon bequest to be reduced due to the changing needs of today’s libraries. (Motion: Joyce, 2ndPolly) Nancy will call a lawyer she knows to start inquiries.
5.  Librarian’s Report
  • Margaret gave the Board circulation numbers for November. 
  • InterLibrary Loan is still not working efficiently. State system is not up and running.
  • Evergreen will be updated on Wednesday, December 12. Piermont Library has a year after that date to change over to all cloud-based use of Evergreen.
6. Policies and Procedures Update
  • Appendices will be the next items for the board will consider. The policies committee says that the policy book is almost completely updated. The appendices are all that remain.
7. DecemberSundayHours:
December 9 – Joyce   December 16 – Stephanie   December 23 – Jim
December 30 – Evie   January 6 – Kristi
8.  Programs for 2019
  • Suggestions were made for new programs. A musical program is a possibility. Larry Coffin or Linda Bronson might be local people who could give a program. Joe Medlicott will see if Jere Daniell will talk about the founding of Dartmouth. Adair Mulligan has a new program on cellar holes. She has offered her services. Helga will see if we can offer this program in conjunction with the Historical Society. A spring program on some aspect of gardening might be good. Peggy Fullerton has written a book about seed collection and gardening. She might be a possible presenter.
9.  Art-in-Library
  • November and December: Stephanie Gordon
  • January and February: Helen Elder
  • March and April: David Wescott
  • May and June: Lesley Butman
  • July and August: Judith Lerner, possibly
  • Mel Gitchel “Portraits of Piermont” photos at some point
10. Old business 
  • Maintenance problems: Terry Robie has presented a design for a new handicapped accessible ramp. The approximate price would be $13,000. A copy of the plan has been given to the Selectmen. No action has been taken yet to replace the old ramp.
  • The Library building condition is unsatisfactory. Writing a petition article to use money from the Building Improvement Capital Reserve Fund was discussed but no action will  be taken.
11. New business
  • A motion was made to encumber leftover 2018 funds for use in 2019. (Motion: Joyce, 2ndEvie)
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM. (Motion: Evie, 2ndPolly)
Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Gordon 
Secretary, Library Board of Trustee

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