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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of September 4, 2018 (Draft)
Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Polly Marvin, Nancy Sandell, Kristi Medill, Evie Conroy, Stephanie Gordon and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 PM by Helga Mueller.

1.   Minutes of August 7, 2018 Trustee’s Meeting.Accepted (Motion: Nancy, 2ndJoyce)
2. Bookkeeper’s Report (Jean Daley): Approved: (Motion: Nancy, 2ndJoyce)
  • The Board received the monthly bookkeeper’s report for August. The checkbook balance is low but the library will receive a Town Draw this month. Some appropriate expenses will be reimbursed from library investments.
4. Treasurer’s Report (Joyce): Approved: (Motion: Nancy, 2ndEvie)
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for August.There was a correction to the report under disbursements. The Evergreen expense was inadvertently combined with the cost of ice cream for the summer reading program participants. Some interest was received from the Fidelity account.
  • The Board discussed the library investments and if the library should hire a financial advisor. The Board voted to allow Joyce to make an appointment to have an informational meeting with Fidelity before our next board meeting. Kristi will accompany her. They will report back to the board next month. (Motion: Joyce, 2ndEvie)
  • Joyce called Fidelity about combining the Library’s two Fidelity accounts. Joyce plans to take the paper certificates to the Nashua office to accomplish this.
5.  Librarian’s Report
  • Circulation numbers were good in August. 
  • The new art display by Shawna Kimball is up.
  • Stephanie Reininger donated a beautiful watercolor painting of cows at a local farm to the Library.
6. Policies and Procedures
  • Display Area Guidelines Policy: Adopted after 2nd reading (Motion: Polly, 2ndEvie) 
  • Art Gallery Guidelines Policy: Adopted after 2nd reading (Motion: Polly, 2ndKristi) 
  • Art Gallery Contract: Adopted as amended after 2nd reading (Motion: Polly, 2ndHelga).
7. SeptemberSundayHours:
September 9 - Helga
September 16 - Jim
September 23 – Evie
September 30 – Nancy
October 7 - Kristi
8.  Programs for 2018
  •  “Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains” with Bryant Tolles is scheduled for September 13 at 7PM at the Old Church Building. This is a NH Humanities Program. Refreshments for Grand Hotel Resort Program will be provided by Board members.
9.  Art-in-Library
  • September and October: Shawna Kimball
  • November and December: Stephanie Gordon
  • January and February: Helen Elder
  • March and April: David Wescott
  • May and June: Lesley Butman
  • July and August: Judith Lerner, possibly
10. Old business 
  • Maintenance problems: Terry Robie is still working on fixing the handicapped ramp.
  • Lights in the main room will be replaced with LEDs. Then the lights in the children’s room will be replaced with LEDs at a later date. (Motion: Joyce, 2ndHelga)
11. New business
  • The Library building condition was discussed. The building is in terrible condition. The Board discussed what can be done to improve the exterior of the Library Building? The Board discussed putting a petitioned article in the next town warrant. 
  • The Library received correspondence concerning the estate of Arnold Shields because the Library received the Shields’ books that had been in the house after Arnold’s passing. This requires no action on the part of the Library Board.
  • Trustee Orientation Workshop is in Lancaster.
  • NH Municipal Association  is offering a workshop on November 14 for Trustees in Manchester.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. (Motion: Evie, 2ndPolly)
Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Gordon 
Secretary, Library Board of Trustee

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