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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Piermont Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of April 3, 2018 (Draft)

Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Polly Marvin, Kristi Medill, Nancy Sandell, Evie Conroy, Stephanie Gordon and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by Helga Mueller.
1. Minutes of March 6, 2018 Trustee’s Meeting. Accepted (Motion: Joyce, 2nd Nancy)
  • Congratulations to Kristi Medill, Polly Marvin and Joyce Tompkins, who were re-elected as Trustees.
  • Election of Officers: Officers were unanimously elected. Chair – Helga Mueller, Treasurer – Joyce Tompkins, Secretary – Stephanie Gordon. 
  • Thank you to those willing to serve on the Board and willing to serve as officers.
2.  Bookkeeper’s Report (Jean Daley): Approved: (Motion: Nancy, 2nd Evie)
  • The Board received the monthly bookkeepers report for March.
  • There was a question about the amount of the March Draw. Joyce will verify with the Town that the amount is correct.
  • Joyce will check with Jean about the inclusion of the column that details what was still due in the report.
3. Treasurer’s Report (Joyce): Approved: (Motion: Kristi, 2nd Helga)
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for March.
  • There was an update on finding a financial advisor for the Library. Nancy’s financial advisor is willing to take a look at the Library Investments and make recommendations.
Joyce also plans to consult with Fidelity when she goes there to turn in the bearer bonds.
  • The town auditors are requesting some further information from Joyce for the library audit that has to be submitted through a secure website. Joyce is in communication with the auditor.
4.  Librarian’s Report
  • Circulation numbers are very good this month.
  • Steve Taylor will be giving a program on Thursday, April 26 on “The roads taken or not”. Trustees will bring refreshments.
  • Evergreen will be updated on Wednesday night. The interface will be different. Users will need to use the function keys instead of the mouse. Trustees who work Sundays can write down the patrons name and the numbers of the books checked out until everyone is trained in using the new system.
  • Thanks to the Town for the new motion sensor light in the parking area.
  • There has been a problem with one of the older PCs. Margaret would like to replace it with a laptop which can also be used as a back-up if the main computer goes down.
  • The Board tabled the improvement of lighting in the back room discussion until the leaky roof problem is dealt with. 
5. Policies and Procedures
  • First reading: By-Laws for Board of Trustee policy. (Motion to accept: Stephanie, 2nd Kristi) 
  • L.U.V. Policy or the Appendices will be reviewed next if needed. The major policies are complete.
6. April Sunday Hours: April 1 – Kristi; April 8 – Jim; April 15 – Joyce; April 22 - Evie
April 29 – Kristi; May 6 – Helga
The next Library Board meeting will be on Tuesday, May 8 because the first Tuesday of the month is May 1.
7.  Programs for 2018
  • “The Roads Taken Or Not” with Steve Taylor is scheduled for April 26 at 7PM at the Old Church Building. This is a NH Humanities Program.
  • “Bears” with Ben Kilham is scheduled for June 22 at 7PM at the Old Church Building.
  • “Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains” with Bryant Tolles is scheduled for September 13 at 7PM at the Old Church Building. This is a NH Humanities Program.
8.  Art-in-Library
  • March and April: Mary Harvey Strecker
  • May and June: Lawrence Forbes
  • July and August: Stephanie Reininger
  • September and October: Shawna Kimball
  • November and December: Stephanie Gordon
  • January and February: Helen Elder
9. Old business 
  • Maintenance problems: The handicap ramp is in poor condition and needs replacing, the roof still leaks and the flashing around the chimney still needs to be replaced. Helga has already brought these items to the attention of the Selectmen. 
  • Helga talked to Terry Robie and he will give a price to Helga on replacing the flashing, which he believes is the cause of the leaky roof.
10. New business
  • The NHLTA Spring Conference is May 14, 2018 in Manchester. Registration deadline is April 27, 2018. No trustees have indicated that they can go yet.
  • Someone is willing to donate 8’ folding tables to PPL. We will take two if they are not too heavy and in good condition. Helga will drive by and take a look at them. Joyce can pick them up in her truck if they are suitable.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 PM. (Motion: Evie, 2nd Polly)
Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Gordon 

Secretary, Library Board of Trustee

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