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Monday, March 26, 2018

Piermont Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of March 6, 2018 (Draft)

Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Polly Marvin, Kristi Medill, Nancy Sandell, Stephanie Gordon and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Helga Mueller.

1.   Minutes of February 6, 2018 Trustee’s Meeting. Accepted (Motion: Nancy, 2nd Polly)

2.  Bookkeepers Report (Jean Daley): Approved: (Motion; Kristi, 2nd Nancy)
  • The Board received the monthly bookkeepers report for February.
  • The Library has received the Town Draw for March.
  • The line item heading adjustment has been done. The budget worksheet and monthly budget headings are now aligned.

3. Treasurer’s Reports (Joyce): Approved: (Motion Polly, 2nd Nancy)
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for February.
  • The plumbing and electrical improvements to the library were paid for.
  • The Wells Fargo dividend check was received.
  • Joyce gave the annual report on library investments and memorial accounts. There was a discussion of whether we should have a financial advisor look over the Library’s holdings and make a recommendation on a one-time basis.

4.  Librarian’s Report
  • Circulation figures are good again this month.
  • Margaret says the ILL computer program is still not working. Finding materials is much more labor intensive for librarians. 
  • There was a discussion of if and when the project to improve the lighting in the back room should be undertaken. The Board decided to table the lighting discussion until the leaky roof problem is dealt with. Helga will ask Terry Robie to look at the leaking roof and give an estimate of how much it would cost to take care of the problem.
  • There was a discussion of the best venue for a pet photo quiz designed by Mel Gitchel. The contest could be displayed during community dinners. It could also be put up for Memorial Day. The library would have prizes for whomever gets the most owner/pet pairs correct.
  • Margaret has finished and submitted the library report for the State of NH.
  • T-shirts for the summer reading program have been ordered. They will arrive in May. The theme for the reading program this year is music.

5. Policies and Procedures
·      Second reading: The Board looked at the rewritten Personnel Policy prepared by the Policy and Procedures Committee. Adopted for inclusion in policy manual, March 6, 2018. (Motion: Joyce, 2nd: Polly)
·      Trustee policy will be looked at next.

6. March Sunday Hours:
March 4 - Kristi
March 11 - Stephanie
March 18 – Helga
March 25 - Nancy
April 1 – Kristi

7.  Programs for 2018
  • “The Roads Taken Or Not” with Steve Taylor is scheduled for April 26 at 7PM at the Old Church Building. This is a NH Humanities Program.
  • “Bears” with Ben Kilham is scheduled for June 22 at 7PM at the Old Church Building.
  • “Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains” with Bryant Tolles is scheduled for September 13 at 7PM at the Old Church Building. This is a NH Humanities Program.

8.  Art-in-Library
  • March and April: Mary Harvey Strecker
  • May and June: Lawrence Forbes
  • July and August: Stephanie Reininger
  • September and October: Shawna Kimball
  • January and February: Helen Elder

9. Old business
  • Maintenance problems: The handicap ramp is in poor condition and needs replacing, the roof still leaks and the flashing around the chimney still needs to be replaced. Helga has already brought these items to the attention of the Selectmen.

10. New business
  • The NHLTA Spring Conference is May 14, 2018 in Manchester. Registration deadline is April 27, 2018.
  • Kristi Medill, Polly Marvin and Joyce Tompkins are all running for 3 year terms as Library Trustee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM. (Motion: Kristi, 2nd Polly)

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Gordon

Secretary, Library Board of Trustee

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