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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Trustee Meeting of February 6, 2018 (Draft)
Present: Trustees Helga Mueller, Joyce Tompkins, Polly Marvin, Kristi Medill, Evie Conroy, Nancy Sandell, Stephanie Gordon and Librarian Margaret Ladd

The board meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Nancy Sandell

1.   Minutes of January 2, 2018 Trustee’s Meeting. Accepted (Motion: Evie, 2nd Polly)

2.  Bookkeepers Report (Jean Daley): Approved: (Motion; Kristi, 2nd Evie)
  • The Board received the bookkeeper’s report for January.
  • We have sufficient funds to take through Town Meeting.
  • The line item heading adjustment has not been done yet.

3. Treasurer’s Reports (Joyce): Approved: (Motion Polly, 2nd Evie)
  • Joyce gave the monthly treasurer’s report for January.
  • Next month Joyce will give the Board the annual library funds report because she will have received all the year-end information.
  • Joyce has contacted Wells Fargo about receiving dividend checks automatically. She will talk to them about changing to a fund that provides more dividends and less growth.
  • No more information was available about the audit.

4.  Librarian’s Reports
  • Circulation figures are good again this month.
  • Margaret says the ILL program is still not working due to changeover. It has been down for almost two months at this time.
  • Eastman Electric LLC installed improved lighting in the front room of the Library. The bill has been submitted. They also submitted a quote for improving the lights in the rest of the library. There was a discussion of if and when this project should be undertaken. The Board will vote on this next month.
  • Charlie French installed replacement bathroom fixtures.
  • Margaret participated in training on how to use a 3-D printer at Phillip Read Library in Plainfield. Each library in our region will have access to a 3-D printer on a rotating basis.
  • Margaret sent out thank you notes to artists who have exhibited work in the Library.
  • Margaret publicized Jane Oakes art in several local newspapers.

5. Policies and Procedures
·      First reading: The Board looked at the Personnel Policy prepared by the Policy and Procedures Committee and suggested some modifications. Adopted for first reading as amended. (Motion: Joyce, 2nd: Helga)

6. February Sunday Hours:
Feb. 4 – Kristi; Feb.11 – Evie;  Feb.18 – Nancy; Feb. 25 – Stephanie; March 4 - Kristi

7.  Programs for 2018
  • “The Roads Taken Or Not” with Steve Taylor, April 26, 7PM ,Old Church Building.
  • “Bears” with Ben Kilham is scheduled for June 22 at 7PM at the Old Church Building.
  • “Grand Resort Hotels of the White Mountains” with Bryant Tolles is scheduled for September 13 at 7PM at the Old Church Building.

8.  Art-in-Library
  • January and February: Jane Oakes
  • March and April: Jim’s Mother
  • May and June: Lawrence Forbes
  • July and August: Stephanie Reininger
  • September and October: Shawna Kimball

9. Old business
  • Storage of Book Sale materials: The Selectmen have offered to prepare a place in the garage to accommodate these materials, once the town expands into the room where the materials are currently housed.
  • Maintenance problems: The handicap ramp is in poor condition and needs replacing, the roof still leaks and the flashing around the chimney still needs to be replaced. Helga has already brought these items to the attention of the Selectmen.

10. New business
  • Mel Gitchel is preparing an artistic “surprise” for the Library.
  • Kristi Medill, Polly Marvin and Joyce Tompkin’s terms as Trustees are up this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 PM. (Motion: Evie, 2nd Polly)

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Gordon

Secretary, Library Board of Trustee

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